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After your donation, your name will appear in our programs (unless you request anonymity).

Clicking will take you to a secure Paypal site where you may use Paypal or any credit/debit card.

You do not have to be a Paypal member to use this method of payment.

Type in the exact amount of your donation and hit the button marked “update total”.


The Wyoming Art Show needs your generous donation for:

Artist Awards
Scholarships for Student Artists
Art Show Supplies for the Children’s Area
Show Production Expenses
Community Art Outreach Programs

Click to join the Friend Level up to $49 Donation

Click to join the Partner Level $50 – $99 Donation

Click to join the Patron Level $100 – $249 Donation

Click to join the Sponsor Level $250 – $499 Donation

Click to join the Master Artist Level $500 and above Donation


Your generous contribution may also be mailed directly to Wyoming Art Inc. shown at this address:

Wyoming Art Show
P.O. Box 15027
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215-0027


You will receive a return letter to claim your tax deduction.  Thanks!